// We Are All Made of Stars, Except For Puerto Rico, For Now//

We heard from both Leila M and Bridget S (as well as, of course, the North American Vexillololigcal Association) that after last week’s election, because Puerto Rico isĀ thatĀ much closer to U.S. statehood, we’ve gotta be ready with our flags. This popular slideshow of proposed 51-star flags has been circulating, and all we have to say is, sure, if Huffington Post reports it, EVERYONE is suddenly a flag expert. Sheesh!

My favorite, by far, is this one:

Yes, mostly because it’s silly. But also because there’s actually (almost) a miniature Puerto Rican flag in it!

Very cool. And hey, it could be worse:

This is just hilarious.

The “actual” nicest one rearranges the star into a circle:

While the most logical solution would just be to rearrange the layout of the stars:

Though, talking with Ewan D about it, he pointed out that if we weren’t so averse to change, we could probably have a nicer flag altogether. There’s a huge resistance to changing symbols and flags, and now that we think about it more, it’s not clear why: flag businesses and souvenir kiosks stand to make a lot of money if an official flag change takes over… every single person who owns a flag would have to go out and replace it. We think this is what happened some years back with the Pride flag, when they tried to add in magenta and turquoise; the giant Castro flag even had it up for awhile before the whole movement failed, probably for no reason other than that people recognized it as a flag sellers’ scam (it should be noted that this is not true; the 8-color pride flag was the original one, but it’s more fun to think about flag-seller conspiracies).

But hey, we gotta fix the economy somehow, right? We should change the flag design every 5 years (no, not 4!). This is the solution to all our problems.

We can’t wait for the day when the holdouts are derided for sticking with the 50 star flag.