// Dirty Politics Indeed!//

There was some (alleged) uproar in India recently over this movie poster:


Why? Glad you asked. You probably figured it out it’s got something to do with the flag draped around actress Mallika Sherawat. We’re always going somewhere flag-related here.

The actress was served with a notice that she and the producer of the movie are in violation of Public Interest Law for desecrating the Indian flag. The actress! Because everyone knows it’s up to the actors to come up with the artistic design of a movie poster.

If we can all speak frankly, the issue at heart is probably less about the flag and more about good ol censorship, since the movie is about some seedy real-life political scandal. But let’s focus on the flag.

The defense here, when it’s not futilely claiming that “If at all the colour looks similar, it was not intentional at all”, is focused on the lack of Ashoka Chakra, the wheel normally at the center of an Indian flag. Look. If you’re gonna wear the flag, sure, pay the fine, grovel at the feet of justice for apparently behaving against public interest. But if, as in this case, you just have a tri-colored sheet draped around you, which CLEARLY is a symbol for India, but isn’t technically a flag, is that ok? We Amuricans sure seem to think so, but at what point have you crossed the line into offending people? Because we Hagz want to know and cross it clearly and loudly.


Hoisting the flag of the State of Maryland over (the stables at) Kiplin Hall in Yorkshire, Lord Calvert’s historic manor. Getting an opportunity to learn about his checkered past… As an Indian American, I have to say I took extra pride in being able to hoist a foreign banner over British soil…



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// We’re doomed to keep writing about human flags//

It’s been quite a month for the human flag movement.


As you’ll no doubt recall from our front-line reporting here at FlagHagz, Pakistan currently holds the record for largest human flag.


Well, I guess Nepal read our intrepid post and figured they weren’t gonna have that, so hot on the heels of Pakistani Independence Day (how rude!), they went in for the kill and broke that goddamn record.

Here you go: Nepal’s 35,000-bodies-strong flag:


A few things of note to explain why this is impressive (even though I still believe it’s a waste of time / resources):

1. Nepal’s flag, as you may know, is the only non-rectangular flag.


Because it doesn’t fall into the confines of a simple rectangle, it seems much harder to coordinate humans into overlapping triangle shapes.

2. Nepal’s population is 27.8 million. Do you know what Pakistan’s population is??? 182 million.


For Pakistan to have a 29,000 person flag, they used approximately .016% of their total population. For Nepal to have a 35,000 person flag, they used approximately .125% of their population. THAT’S INSANE. Nepal, I hope Guinness Book of World Records accepts your flag because the institution really means something (no, it doesn’t), but man. THAT IS INSANE.


// There’s a new Motown//

My co-worker’s precocious kid Mo announced the establishment of her own sovereign town-state recently. As any autonomous political entity worth its salt sugar, spice, and everything nice, it has its own flag.  Behold, the flag of Mo-Town, pop. 1:


*sniff* They grow up and become politically autonomous so fast.

Down with paternalistic rule, down with the nanny state! Long live a free and independent MoTown!


// Human flags : Not really sure why we bother//

Singapore celebrated its National Day on Friday, commemorating its independence from Malaysia, hard-won in 1965.

And what better way to celebrate than a human flag?

Plus they took design liberties to add in a military-green border. How lovely.

This wasn’t the first time Singapore went in for  ol’ human-flag routine. According to some cursory and un-fact-checked research, they pulled this same stunt in 2007 and again in 2011. Those times they used umbrellas. This time was a much smaller contingent, not going for any record, just doin it for the love of the country.

I don’t know guys, who wore the one-tricky pony best??

Either way, it kind of makes you think Romania didn’t really give it their all when they unfurled the world’s largest flag.

How about the world’s largest HUMAN flag, Romania??? DID YOU THINK OF THAT?

Pakistan sure did, cause they hold the current record. The number to beat is 29.040 people. This is what 29,040 warm, patriotic bodies united for a totally useless worthwhile cause looks like: