// Not a na(sa)zi flag//

Found outside the Museum for Contemporary Native Art in Santa Fe, NM.


A sorta clever send up of the US flag with patterns from native weavings, BUT WAIT A MINUTE ARE THOSE WHAT I THINK THEY ARE?


Yup. Closer inspection yields that those little yellow blobs in the lower canton are, indeed, swastikas. I guess I should have known that the swastika -  pretty common in pre-nazi folk art the world over (so simple, yet so snazzy!)- would have been used in the americas. Turns out that it represents the ‘four arms of destiny’ to the Hopi.

What do you think of the swasts and zags?


// Hot Topic : Jammu and Kashmir//

Saw this gem recently and needed to know who was represented by such graphic boldness and simplicity.

What is that? 3 tallies and a swan? 3 matches and a planer? No my friends. It is the 3 regions of Kashmir and a plough. Despite the fact that no one has ever seen a plough look quite like that.

Jammu and Kashmir is apparently the only state in India that even has its own flag, probably made possible / prudent in no small part because of its special political status: due to a constitutional provision, Jammu & Kashmir gets to give the thumbs up or down to any law set forth by Indian parliament. (according to Wikipedia, of course).

So, hey, maybe giving regions a lil more say in their own affairs leads to more impassioned flag-creation. This one is a real beaut, even if no one would know that thing on the right is a plough.


// Puzzling Pants//

Spotted recently at our favorite boutique “El West” in the Mt. Pleasant neighborhood of DC. Surprised to see the Cuban flag mixed with Britain, Canada and Australia…

Apparently patriotic pants aren’t just for the (common)-wealthy anymore.


// Google-y eyes, Flaggy Nails//

From Google’s World Cup Trends page.

Um, yeah, OF COURSE this was what I was searching for yesterday with the keywords “full brazilian” and “nails” with SafeSearch off. Thanks, google!


// Stellar Flags 3//

Patch from STS-124 — the mission to attach a japan-themed coffee mug to the ISS.

2 suns rise over the Earth now.